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📅 October 15th-16th, 2022
📍 Back in-person @ Marriott Marquis in SF
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You belong at Cal Hacks!

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Whether you’ve barely ever coded in your life or have participated in twenty hackathons, Cal Hacks is here to give you a platform to build, to learn, and to create– the world is your oyster!

As the world’s largest collegiate hackathon, we recognize that tech spaces need to do more to welcome historically underrepresented minorities in STEM and create environments where hackers of marginalized backgrounds can thrive. As long as you have a passion for technology and motivation to change the world, you belong at Cal Hacks.

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“So a Hackathon is Just Coding, Right?”

Coding is just a small part of the hackathon experience! From late night boba runs to driving golf carts to getting free food, Cal Hacks offers so many exhilarating experiences that come from creating something fun with your friends.

Aside from getting to build crazy ideas with your friends, Cal Hacks also provides workshops, speaker events, and all sorts of fun activities that are open to everyone to enjoy. At its core, Cal Hacks is a day full of the craziness of collaboration.

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Past Hackathons

Here are some moments and stats from our previous events!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

Put simply, a hackathon is a chance to build whatever you want. Have an idea? Cal Hacks is the place to make it a reality, whether it’s through coding, art, design, hardware, or something we haven’t thought of yet. Build out your project with friends, form a team with other hackers, or go at it alone — the choice is yours. We’ll support you along the way with free food, mentors and credits! Cal Hacks aims to give our hackers as much freedom and as many resources as possible to make the next big thing. What will you build?

Am I eligible to attend?

We welcome ALL adult (18+) undergraduate (including community college and 4-year college students!) and graduate students currently enrolled in degree granting institutions anywhere in the world. We don’t require or expect any specific major or experience. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to accept high school or non-student hackers.

If you’d like to participate as a volunteer or mentor, sign up below:
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Is this event a good fit for me? Do I need to know how to code / build an app / have 4 internships?

If you’re passionate and creative, Cal Hacks is the event for you. You don’t need to have any experience, because Cal Hacks is an opportunity for you to learn. We don’t expect any prior knowledge — we just want you to be your authentic self. About half of our attendees are beginners, and many have never attended a hackathon before. Our goal is to create a welcoming space to meet new friends and share new ideas, and we hope you’ll join us.

Is the application hard?

No — we just want to learn more about who you are and why you want to attend Cal Hacks! Don’t take it too seriously; you don’t need to already have a project in mind or a ten-page resume.

How do teams work?

Bring your friends, come alone and make new ones, or go solo — it’s up to you. If you already have a team in mind (up to 4 people max), make sure you list them on your application. Everyone needs to fill out an application! If you don’t have a team, we’ll have plenty of opportunities for you to form one at the event.

Is it true that Cal Hacks is free?

Yes! Cal Hacks, as always, is completely free for all accepted hackers! We'll provide the resources you need to hack comfortably and creatively. Did someone say swag? Yep, we'll also provide swag to qualifying hackers!

I’m a UC Berkeley Student — do I still need to apply?

Yes — UC Berkeley students should still apply through our application portal!

Are there restrictions on what we can build?

Are you building an army of world-destroying, evil terminator robots? No? Your project is probably fine! We love to see creative projects from all fields, especially those which tackle big ideas, help solve major issues, or display particular technical or artistic skill.

We ask that you don’t submit old projects that you finished before the start of Cal Hacks, and if you do continue a project you started before Cal Hacks, you disclose what you worked on during the event. Sadly, we disqualify a number of entries every year for violating this rule. Additionally, your project should follow our hacker Code of Conduct.

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